Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sources for Ideas

The following information is for those artists participating in  the 2012 and beyond Route 66 Quilts exhibition. In addition to what  photos that appears  in postings below this one, you might take a look at at this site which lists by state interesting venues along the route 66 route.  We have no affiliation with the site below or approvals to directly use materials, though it will give you something to think about.
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This link lists attractions by state all along the route... Here are but a few examples
Grant Park/Art Institute... Chicago
Worlds largest Catsup Bottle...Collinsville
Country Classic Cars... Stauton
Jesse James Musuem- Stanton
Worlds Largest RockingChair -Fanning
Gateway Arch- St Louis
Four Women on the Route... Kanotex Service Station( Home of Tow Tater Truck)-Galena
Worlds Largest Totem Pole - Foyil
Cadillac Ranch- Amarillo
VW Slug Bug Ranch - Conway
New Mexico:
Tee Pee Curios -Tucumcari
Petrified Forest - Holbrook
Meteor Crater - Flagstaff
Oatman Wild Burros - Oatman
Bottle Tree Farm- Oro Grande
Santa Anita Race Track- Arcadia
Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica

Note: Co-Curators plan to  represent the highway origination using  a Chicago Art Institute/Sears Tower/ Wrigley Field collage in Illinois and end at (Santa Monica Pier in California.) Everywhere in between is up to entering artists to decide.

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