Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Road to California opens tonight and we're ready. Look how great the exhibit looks hung along one draped wall. It is creating a buzz throughout the Convention Center. People are excited to see it tonight. Doors open at seven. I need to get back to the Convention Center post haste.
Hope to See you all there!!!!


  1. I have been an Art Quilter for several years and when I say the Route 66 Exhibit at the Sewing Expo in Reno, Nevada it was fabulous. So many people look at the exhibit and commented on our well each piece was done. The desert scene was one that everyone looked at and commented on how well executed Vickie did this quilt. I know because I was the one guarding the exhibit for 3 days during the show.

    Nancy Ryan, Gardnerville, NV

  2. NANCY.. THANK YOU!!!!!! Kelly and I have been so pleased with both the quality of artists work AND the reception of the exhibit around the country! THANK YOU for watching over this great work and for your nice comments. Patt